Newton building and green roof

Invested in the environment

NTU Events and Conferencing has invested significant time and resources into reducing its negative impacts on local and national communities; using fairly traded ingredients where possible, actively supporting local food producers and suppliers and utilising the latest video conferencing technology to promote an international agenda without a large carbon footprint.

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) has been ranked the 5th most sustainable university in the world, through the UI Green Metric benchmark. We are proud of our world-class campuses complete with green spaces, sustainable buildings and transport infrastructure. We have held the internationally recognised ISO 14001 and ‘Eco Campus’ environmental management system since 2012, recognising the work the university put in to ensure our environmental management is amongst the best within the higher education sector in the UK.

The Pavilion external image and patio area

The environment and Clifton Science and Technology Campus

Clifton Science and Technology Campus is a highly sustainable campus with the Pavilion building generating more energy than it consumes, there are also several large green open spaces with a brand new Plaza and Green Zone; since 2012 Clifton Campus has been awarded the Green Flag status.

Clifton Nature Trail is open to students, staff and the public, there are nine information boards within the campus to guide everyone around the trail. The boards are filled with information about the campus and its surroundings including its biodiversity, history and community activities carried out on campus.

Outdoor area at Brackenhurst Campus

The environment and Brackenhurst Campus

Brackenhurst Campus, a beautiful 200 hectare estate, is the jewel in NTU’s commitment to sustainability, with ground-breaking conservation research and an Eco Library. With the campus leading the way in modern environmental sciences, NTU has built links with institutions around the world to tackle global issues of climate change and conservation. Brackenhurst Campus received the Green Flag status in 2012, the national award recognising green spaces throughout the country.

There are a collection of walks around the Brackenhurst estate designed to open the estate to all. Interpretation boards have been provided at key points around the estate and a number of suggested routes have been identified for particular interest points.

There is also the ‘Flower Pod’ situated on campus. This is a social enterprise ran by Reach, a charity supporting people with learning disabilities in Nottinghamshire and sells the flowers grown.  Brackenhurst is home to one of the largest populations of Great Crested Newts and recently, NTU staff and students together with community volunteers have planted 5,000 trees to act as a carbon sinc and home to wildlife.

Central Court Cabaret Dinner at Nottingham City Campus

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Peregrine falcon nesting on top of Nottingham Trent University Newton building

The environment and Nottingham City Campus

The Newton building within Nottingham City Campus is home to a pair of Peregrine Falcons, which are protected under Schedule One of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. There is a live camera stream that can be watched through the NTU website and the Falcons are often featured on TV wildlife programmes. Over the last 9 years, 38 Falcon chicks have successfully fledged the nest. The building has one of the regions largest green roofs with 13 varieties of sedum covering 2,500m2 giving a great view from the second floor. Also attracting a wide range of insect species to the city centre including; bumblebees, butterflies, ladybirds and grasshoppers. It is also easy to spot blackbirds, song thrushes, wrens, robins and rare black redstarts.

Catering BBQ

Catering and the environment

The NTU Catering team have a ‘Sustainable Waste Policy’ and ‘Food Waste Policy’ to ensure they give consideration to ethical, social and environmental factors when making decisions on their products and services. They use local suppliers to reduce carbon footprint and keep food miles low, this reduces CO2 emissions, minimising the impact on the environment, wildlife and human health. Choosing the local suppliers over national competitors also supports local producers and farmers, leaving a positive impact on jobs and the economy. The catering team have made huge efforts to reduce single-use plastic over the last few years, which is why your water is served from glass bottles.

Fair Trade Logo with Coffee Beans Scattered

Our Fairtrade status

Nottingham Trent University has been awarded Fairtrade status, and Fairtrade products are available throughout. All of the purchased coffee is Fair Trade, organic and certified by the Rainforest Alliance, whilst our tea is also Fairtrade and sourced from certified plantations where workers’ rights are protected. This coffee and tea will be served to all NTU Events and Conferencing delegates and provided in 100% recyclable cups.

For more information on environmental activity at NTU Events and Conferencing, visit Nottingham Trent University’s Sustainability Website.

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