Comments and Complaints Procedure for NTU Events and Conferencing

  • Introduction

    NTU Events and Conferencing (NTU E&C) strives for continuous improvement and is committed to providing its customers with exemplary services to enhance their experience whilst at the Conference Centre. In this spirit, we welcome feedback in the form of comments, compliments and suggestions that can help in the development of these services.

    We would like you to:

    Speak to the reception staff or a Conference Coordinator at NTU E&C to resolve difficulties or pass on compliments.

    Or you can email us at

    Or write to us at:

    NTU Events and Conferencing

    Burton Street


    NG1 4BU

    Or call on 0115 848 8000

    All complaints are taken seriously and are dealt with through a Complaints Procedure.

  • Feedback

    We recognise that constructive feedback is paramount to the continual development of our services and through effective analysis we can strive to exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers.

    A centralised email address is in place ( allowing customers to provide their feedback. All feedback will be reviewed by the Team Leader, who will take action in the light of such feedback where necessary.

    Clients receive a link to a feedback survey, which they can choose to complete. This is sent weekly in an email to clients who have organised an event at NTU E&C that week.

  • Complaints

    This complaints procedure is intended to allow Clients to bring matters of concern to the attention of NTU E&C to enable investigation of any concerns with the aim of satisfactory resolution. The following defines how a complaint can be lodged with us and the process undertaken once a complaint has been received.

    It is anticipated that most complaints can be resolved through informal means, therefore,  we encourage clients to take a complaint informally to a member of NTU E&C staff.  If the client feels that their complaint has not been dealt with satisfactorily by the NTU E&C team, then the complainant may wish to invoke the formal stages of this procedure.

  • Stage One

    Where a complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of their informal complaint, they may invoke stage one of this procedure by submitting their complaint in writing to the Team Leader at NTU E&C.

    On receipt of a written complaint, NTU E&C’s Team Leader will send an acknowledgement within 7 working days of receipt.

    Wherever possible, a complainant’s personal details will be kept confidential, however, if a complaint relates to issues regarding actions of members of NTU E&C staff, those allegations will be communicated to the staff concerned to enable an investigation to take place.

    It is anticipated that Stage One of this complaint’s procedure would normally be completed, with a response provided to the complainant in writing within 7 working days from the receipt of the complaint. There may be occasions where this timescale may need to be extended; the Team Leader will keep all parties informed of progress and any anticipated delays.

    Following the final outcome of a complaint, the complainant’s contact details will be deleted/destroyed; NTU E&C will retain only the complainant’s name and details of the complaint and the outcome. This information shall be retained for one year following completion of the complaint.

    If advice is required to assist a complaint investigation, or if any part of this procedure is unclear, the complainant should contact the Team Leader at NTU E&C. In the event of the Team Leader being involved in the complaint, then the Conference and Events Operations Manager should be contacted.

  • Stage Two

    If at any point the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome of their complaint at stage one above, or can provide evidence that their complaint has not been dealt with in accordance with this procedure, they may wish to move to Stage Two of the procedure.

    The complainant can request a review of their complaint by detailing the original points of their complaint, including any reasons for their dissatisfied with the stage one response to the Conference and Events Operations Manager.

    The complainant should receive written notification of the outcome of the review of their complaint, with details of any action taken by NTU E&C, within 7 working days. If for any reason a decision has not been taken within 7 working days, the complainant will receive an update explaining the progress and reasons for any delay.

    Once a satisfactory outcome has been reached, all complainants will be given the opportunity to review and confirm that they feel that their complaint has been dealt with fairly and in accordance with the above policy.